Like the ones from my grandparents growing up, wondering how in the world did they stack those bales so high on that wagon?! Or looking through old photos from when I was growing up & finding myself back in that moment. Life is fleeting, and through a photograph we have a chance to preserve the memories! I’m for the photos that will be passed down through the generations to come!

I have always been in love with photographs, because most have a story to tell.

About mal

Easy Going
Human Connection
Experience over Production

my Approach

I feel like we don’t always realize how amazing and incredible it truly is that we have the ability to capture a moment through a photograph! And I think that is just what sparks my passion when I pick up my camera and think to myself  ‘this could be a photo my great great grandchild looks at one day with wonder or laughter.’ That is exactly what I want for you, my friend! I want to be the one capturing the fleeting moments in your life, and your loved ones' lives, so they can be passed down through the generations!

I'm passionate about the in-between, fleeting moments of life

I'm Mal, a Jesus loving Mama of 3 rambunctious kiddos, living on a ranch with my Hubs in central Alberta. I pinch myself every now and again thinking what a blessing it is for me to be living and doing exactly what I am!! God is always good!

Oh hey! I’m just over here waiting to preserve your beloved memories! 

photography is a love affair with life

fun facts


If I could hop on a plane right now with all expenses paid I would go to Scotland & Ireland!

One of my favourite parts of summer is being in the garden with my kiddos.

Prior to kids & marriage I was working as a journeyman Hairstylist & then I switched to apprentice  for Electrical. What can I say I’m a hands-on kind of gal!

 I love a good London Fog & perhaps scone to go with it. Oh, and I might as well be watching Pride & Prejudice while I’m at it!